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Tributo ao Rei da Pop


MICHAEL LIVES FOREVER is a wonderful Tribute to the King of Pop! choreographed and designed by LAVELLE SMITH Jr., the great choreographer behind the magic of all MICHAEL JACKSON's shows, with whom he worked directly for over 25 years, attesting to the great quality of this Tribute show to the one who is considered the greatest artist of all time.

To mount and materialize this Tribute took more than 2 years of work, with many rehearsals, research, studies, and investment to get as close as possible to the level of excellence and quality of the original.

To embody the role of the KING OF POP, the Brazilian artist RODRIGO TEASER was chosen, whose talent, energy, and quality demonstrated live, surprises and transforms this concert into the most beautiful tribute to the king MICHAEL JACKSON, being the only one recognized by the artist's family.

The quality of the show and the professionalism of RODRIGO TEASER make this show materialize a faithful illusion of the KING OF POP's concerts, a phenomenon that ended up convincing everyone, including the very musicians who performed with MICHAEL JACKSON, renewing their will to participate and be a part of the band in many of the concerts performed all over the world, namely in the USA (Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, etc.), in Dubai, Singapore, and in the Soccer World Cup in Qatar, among others.

For this same reason, the iconic guitarist JENNIFER BATTEN, who accompanied MICHAEL JACKSON in all world tours, comes to Portugal and will be part of the band that accompanies RODRIGO TEASER in these tribute shows scheduled for this year at the Altice Arena, in Lisbon, and at the Super Bock Arena, in Porto, on October 4th and 7th, respectively.

MICHAEL LIVES FOREVER is the great tribute that will provide all fans of the KING OF POP, a "reunion" with the super artist that we will never forget.

Come and relive the songs, the choreographies, the magical and unforgettable moments on stage, in a fantastic trip to the world of MICHAEL JACKSON.

A unique and unforgettable experience. Come and live this "Thriller"!

A Golden Concerts production.

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